Wandering around the World of Quick Wikis

As an English teacher I was skeptical when Wikipedia arrived on the web as the choice of quick research for my students. This open source of information seemed to be an invitation to students to “shortcut” research with questionable accuracy, enticing them towards  the copy and paste pit of plagiarism.  However, as an educator, I seized the teachable moment using it as opportunity to demonstrate to students consideration of accuracy in research and as time progressed and Wikipedia improved, found myself suggesting it as a preliminary research tool prior to exploring data bases with more scholarly content. The new evolution of open source research appears to be Qwiki which adds the element of multi-media – visual, audio and text sources.  To find out more about Qwiki please check out my Qwiki page!

One thought on “Wandering around the World of Quick Wikis

  1. lbechard says:

    One of the features I appreciate about wikipedia is the language called “Simple English”. It’s a great feature for Non-Native English speaking learners (we have a lot at Bow Valley College) as it simplifies the text, reduces it and uses language more likely to be understood by ESL learners. Check it out yourself using a topic such as “bears”. Try it without simple English and then again with Simple English…

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