Some Additional Thoughts on the use of Videos…

After working with two outstanding partners and collaborating on our Xtranormal video, it occured to me that using video as a response forum for students, especially if they collaborate, leads to deeper analysis and understanding of the concepts. In my case, it was really looking at the possibilities Web 2.0 could offer a teacher in his/her instructional practice! Of course the catch is always finding the time to explore and coping with the frustrations that occur when trying to manipulate technology such as the two hour effort I spent on Sunday attempting to embed video on this blog (turns out help menus are extremely useful as is a Youtube account!).
Anyway, I added two Xtranormal videos to my page on Videos and Education. The first video is the quick first crack I did while exploring Xtranormal. The second video, is the group effort of Pam, Lisa and myself – the three Weird Sisters (thanks ladies for all the work on this!). Check it out!

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