Voyaging through Voicethread Presentations!

Yeah, an application I have used – Voicethread! After a crazy week of sanctions and preparation for more sanctions which forced me to wade into stormy waters (oh the drama of year end concerts, provincial track meets and graduation ceremonies- not that I didn’t know, but gee we teachers sure do a lot of extras…), it was nice to work with a familiar application.
I have used Voicethread to post web-based presentations in the past. It is extremely easy to upload a prepared Powerpoint presentation and then add comments. It also allows your viewers to weigh in on the topic – either as discussion or as a means of posing questions. I had not, however, utilized the doodle tool, type comments or uploaded word documents, jpegs, or video. Working with my group – Pamliskel (we 3 girls! – a little wierd and wacky)- we put together a small presentation which allowed me to experiment with all the features of Voicethread. It was a wonderful experience and reaffirmed my preexisting belief – Voicethread is a great tool that can post key presentations for students and solicit their response. The potential as both an instructional medium and assessment tool are really unlimited.
To find out more about the potential uses of Voicethread as a medium for blended instruction, visit my Voicethread page!

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