I’ve got spurs that “JING”le jangle “JING”le…

Another tool for the tool box, and fortunately one I have used before – the power of Jing. Jing can spur you into embracing the power of Web 2.0 to aid instruction. With a simple download of the Jing application from Techsmart, you can capture screen images that can be embedded in online chats and emails. It also allows you to make videos – a great way to demonstrate “how to” for distance learning situations or help tutorials. Although definitely a novice with this program, I look forward to experimenting with it and trying to use my webcam to personalize tutorials… now to think of a topic…


One thought on “I’ve got spurs that “JING”le jangle “JING”le…

  1. lbechard says:

    I love Jing too. We have used it to create video tutorials that we share with instructors (usually how to do a task in the LMS) and also to narrate PowerPoint presentations with an output that is YouTube friendly. (The Pro Version of Jing does this). It’s a great affordable tool for instructors or students to use to create screen captures of anything – tell a story based on a picture, demonstrate the proper way to fill out a form, etc.

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