Webquest Explorations

Long before Wikis, Blogs, and Twitter; WebQuests were the buzzword surrounding the internet and education. Somehow I missed out – joining the technology train long after the WebQuest was so “yesterday.” I was thrilled in discovering during this module that WebQuests were in many ways the digital version of my resource based research group projects which I often used to introduce topics or culminate learnings at the end of a novel study.  My issue in using traditional hard copy resources from the school library, was finding a way to share and manage these resources.
The other fantastic feature of the well crafted WebQuest is  that it  utilizes all web resources which are availabe anytime, anywhere. There are no concerns regarding sign out, loan periods, or access. The perennial problem or excuse of “forgetting it at home or at school” is eliminated.  The other fantastic feature of the well crafted WebQuest is the way it manages student time on task. The student does not waste an entire period surfing search engines trying to find appropriate resources, nor does he/she wander around the abyss of absract and vague assignments and topics. If the teacher provides the links and allows student choice within these provided resources, there is the assurance that they are grade and subject appropriate and are valid and authentic sources of information.
To find out more about WebQuests and my group project with Pam Spock and Lisa Frei, please visit my WebQuest and Instructional Design Page.

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