Information Management – Help Wanted!

Wow, what a crazy week! First off, I just want to say I should read ahead to all the suggested reading/viewing materials before posting – I didn’t realize that there was a Danah Boyd video – pure coincidence (so much for looking like a keener!). But, now that I have caught up on the suggested materials and read many of the Blog posts, I am quickly realizing that I will need to develop some strategies for navigating all the sources of information and class responses – Twitter, googledocs, and the Blog posts via Googlereader. This is way out of my comfort zone, but pretty darn exciting! My goals this week are to contine  step three of Cormers’ 5 Steps to Success which is network, network, network!! Speaking of Cormer’s advice, I really loved the videos on MOOC – it really helped to clarify and validate the use of social media as an instructional medium and I was pretty darn proud of myself for being able to orientate, declare and begin networking! Here’s to hoping I can touch upon steps four and five, clustering and focusing during this course. I suspect I may be overwhelmed by the networking and the management of information process. Thank goodness for the session last night as it provided some useful hints for managing information – Tweetdeck and Delicious being two I plan to investigate further.

In the meantime, I found some interesting clips I thought I would share. The first one helped curb my feelings of ineptitude, dazzling me with the staggering statistics surrounding social media – check out “The World of Social Media” courtesy of Omobono, a digital marketing agency and if that wasn’t enought to get you revved up about social media; check out the TrueNetSource video!

So with all this information available I suspect I am not alone in my confusion. I know we discussed Tweetdeck last night and there was a backchat discussion of Hootsuite – this was video was useful to me in getting started:

I am open to all tools to help me manage my Twitter, Facebook, and Blog subscriptions so let me know what works for you!


11 thoughts on “Information Management – Help Wanted!

  1. Mastering google docs is key to collaboration with teachers but also as a great turn in tool. vWhen you get comfortable I would suggest you branch out into Evernote to organize all of the info you are taking in. Otherwise the learning gets washed away in the volumes of new things you are exposed to. I also think DropBox (and the extension) is a great easy help.

    I think what i like best about twitter is that it is constantly forcing me to creat new goals and expand my comfort zone. I am a much more effective teacher as a result.

    • lbechard says:

      I use drop box faithfully. It’s not only a great tool for collecting resources, but I also use the tool for copies of travel documents and identification; copies of tax information during tax season, tournament schedules for kids activities, and files I am working on for school or work. This way I reduce the “oh, that’s at home/work” feeling. I love that dropbox iPhone app allows me to pull up the tournament schedule right after the game and can see when we play next – no more purse full of paper! I haven’t experimented much with evernote, but my boss uses it faithfully as he has his iPad set up with the app so he writes (with a stylus) meeting notes, then they are converted to pdf and uploaded and synched with all his computer files via evernote. I have to spend time with it to get some skills!

      • Kelley says:

        It seems DropBox is the tool of choice – several people have responded with that suggestion – I definitely plan to check it out – thanks for the tip!

    • mickpanko says:

      I have Evernote on my Iphone and Ipad and do not know its capabilities…how does it help in this context?

  2. Kelly,

    I don’t have any tools to suggest to help you manage Twitter, Facebook and your blog subscriptions; however, I do have two suggestions about what I do to help manage the social media tools I use.

    First, set aside a designed time to use, catch up with and respond to your social media subscriptions. I found when I first started using these tools that I could follow and read them all day, which made me very unproductive. My solution was to choose a time and make sure I stick to a time limit. OK, some days I read more than others, but I still try and make sure I don’t sit and read all day.

    Two, try to think of Twitter, blog postings, Facebook, etc. as a river of info and become comfortable with the fact you can’t follow and keep up with everything. Corey Doctorow wrote a great piece about information overload and how he stopped worrying about missing cool information even though he followed tons of people. How? Corey feels the best info is generally repeated by many people and he’ll read it eventually. Here’s the link to his article entitled, “Information overload? Time to relax then”

    These are only suggestions and you may find what works for me doesn’t work for you. Stick to a couple of tools, learn to use them well and before you know it they will seem like second nature to you.


    • lbechard says:

      I agree with Zach’s comments about finding a rhythm that works for you. I “peak” at various tools during the day, but keep the time to respond and read to off work hours. I tend to check in using my iPhone during the day and wait until I’m at my computer for responding.

      You’ll get into a routine that works for you… spend 15 minutes / day on Facebook… do you status update, read the news feed, comment and like a few feeds and then move on.

      I’m having a hard time getting much productive use out of twitter right now on a daily basis, as many of the tweets require us to click on a link to read more and that’s hard to read on an iPhone. I find that I don’t find the time to go back to those posts in the evening as family and other commitments take priority.

  3. Chelsi says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the interesting clips! Those were some pretty staggering stats! I liked the quotation about how “We don’t find news, the news finds us.” It’s so true. I was on Facebook when the death of Bin Laden was announced, and I saw it there first due to the multiple status updates and links to the news broadcasts. It’s an interesting time that we’re living in! As for managing social media, I’m with Zachary – I set aside time each day when I will check my Facebook / email / blog and try to have a time limit, although that is often very difficult!
    ~ Chelsi

  4. YrAthro says:

    Hi Kelly
    I get swamped with stuff as well. The main toolbox is an iPhone which runs Pulse (RSSapp) and a Twiiter App (Hootsuite and Oosfoora).
    I keep my following on Twitter under control and if the incoming stuff is excessive, I unfollow the sender

  5. Karen says:

    Trust that the information stream is going to keep flowing, and that stuff will float by a couple of times, or be searchable later. It’s a different way of thinking about information & communication.

    “Go with the flow” takes on a whole new meaning!

  6. mickpanko says:

    Like you, I too am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the great information at my fingertips…too close with the Iphone really…I now have wordpress, google reader, twitter, tweetdeck, facebook, and youtube at my disposal and yet feel guilty when that is where my time ends up…I love the comment about setting aside a certain amount of time each day.

    I’m enjoying your blog Kelley 🙂

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