About Me

Hello! My name is Kelley Ehman and I am entering my 24th year of education. I currently am the Vice-Principal at Michael A. Riffel High School. As mentioned in the first post, this Blog is an attempt to capture my personal and professional journey into the world of Web 2.0 in my attempt to better understand the role of technology in the future of education, its capabilities and applications for today’s digital native students. 
A classroom teacher for nineteen years, with most of them spent as a high school English teacher, I  spent an additional two years as a curriculum consultant and  currently in my twenty-fourth year of teaching, I  view education from the “dark side”  of administration! Inspired by a new generation of educators who are incorporating Blogs, Wikis, SMARTboard technologies, and other Web 2.0 tools into a blended instructional approach, I hope this Blog which chronicles my journey through social media and techonological tools will empower me to offer technological leadership to my school and school division as we attempt to engage learners in an entirely different way.
 In my other life, I work as the mom of two children –Emily (12) and Thomas (8). Ours is a busy household with active kids and coaching parents! My husband is also a teacher. He teaches Math at Dr. Martin LeBoldus. In the little spare time I manage to squeeze in between work, masters classes, and coaching kids’ activities, I dabble in musical theatre and moonlight with a band.

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