Blogs in the Classroom

When I was last in the classroom, I utilized the Ministry of Education’s Learning Village; in particular, the calander to post my assignments, due dates, and opened this site to students and parents. At the time, this was cutting edge web-based communication! Looking back, I giggle at the simplicity and crudity of that particular medium; however, it was a very important first step for me towards becoming more technologically literate! When I graduated from highschool, there was one computer in the entire school and it was in the principal’s office! The computers I first used in university had punch cards – yes, I guess I am old!  My experience with Learning Village left me wanting to explore othere web based tools for the purpose of improving student access and parent communication – enter WikiSpaces and most recently Blogger and WordPress.

Although I have not used Blogs in my classroom, I do utlilize it in my role as an administrator. I have my own Blog called Ms. Ehman’s Blog Spot and use it to get student feedback on everything from parking problems, hallway behaviours, cellphone use to graduation concerns! The English department and I worked together to create a department Blog on which we post resources, course descriptions, and links to useful websites.  Currently, several of the younger teachers on staff are using Classroom Blogs in Math and Science classes. All report, what I discovered, increased student interaction and improved communication with home. The time spent updating the Blog is quickly made up by the time reduced hunting up and re-copying lost assignments for students!

Below are the links to several of the Blogs used in my school as well as Blogs I have created for my school:

Michael A. Riffel English Department

Michael A. Riffel Social Sciences Department

Caught Up in the Web

Royal Subjects



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