Prezi Presentations

Prezi is a unique Web 2.0 application that allows you to create fantastic visual presentations which zoom in and out, demonstrating the big picture and then narrowing the focus to look at details. In addition the rotating effects help create a visually appealing presentation, allowing you to view pictures and video along with text. Prezi takes the Powerpoing presentation to an entirely new level.

It is as easy to use as pointing and clicking your mouse. Although you need to work with the tools a bit to find out which effects are best suited for your presentation, once you master the zebra, it is very user friendly. In addition, the tutorials on the website are extremely useful. Best of all is the fact that it is free!

To see a quick Prezi presentation click on the link below:

 Exploring Technological Leadership on Prezi

One of the major drawbacks in regards to Qwikis was the difficulty in editing or adding to the information that was already there (or not!). So, using what you know now about Qwikis and Prezis, could you see ways in which you (or your students) could create your own Qwiki using Prezi? What would you suggest as a process?  After pondering this question I came up with the following response:

I think the Prezi  is a fantastic way of creating an interactive search that could be student generated. Just as we took a basic thought web or concept map and created interactive links to multimedia web sources (text, stills, video, and audio); the Prezi presentation could be utilized by teachers and students as an exploration engine, instructional medium, or assessment tool. This could be done as introductions to units of learning (teacher directed), a way of creating learning activities (student and teacher), or as a form of assessment as the student creates the Prezi as a demonstration of the outcomes. Like a Qwiki, the Prezi can be a living document to which other students can add. Of course, the advantage is the immediate way this can be done (sharing editing privileges with the entire class).  If I revisit the Shakespeare concept map I made to introduce students to the life, times, works, and influence of William Shakespeare, I think the Prezi would have allowed better organization and emphasis – broad topics framed and zooming in on the details to improve understanding. Also, the embedded videos are more user friendly and visually appealing. By asking students to extend and add an idea, it would make the entire process more interactive and reciprocal for students and teacher!


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