Jing Screen Captures

Question: Are Jing captures the “ultimate realization” of the Web 2.0 medium?

The problem with labeling anything “ultimate” is that you are immediately dismissing the possibility of anything better and admitting creative, and in this case, technological defeat. I believe in infinite possibilities, so is Jing the ultimate realization of Web 2.0? Absolutely, not. It is, however, a great tool which makes distance instruction far richer. Tutorials are a quick way for teachers to introduce new skills, and serve as reviews for key concepts. Students can use them to frame question or to demonstrate learning. In particular screen shots which can be pasted in emails and chats provide the accompanying visual which students and presenters often need to illustrate concepts.  As noted by others, there are other applications, most notably Camstudio and Snagit which even expand the capabilities of Jing. However, my experience with Jing is that it is easy to use, quick and effective for my purposes of providing “how to’s” taking the screen shot to a more interactive level. My husband, a senior math teacher, has used it to explain difficult math concepts. Often gone for several days with the basketball team, he has left links to Jing screencasts for the sub to show the class via the data projector.

Innundated with requests from staff members on where to find valuable information on our school division’s Moodle Website, I created the following Jing screencast to serve as tutorial instructing teacheres how to access the website from home and obtain the links to their gradebook, web mail, and important human resources forms. To see just how Jing works as an interactive screen capture, just click on the link below!

Navigating the RCS Moodle Website



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